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New york bikes

Why do people buy expensive bikes?

It’s all about weight, reliability, and energy. The more costly bikes are (usually) lighter (a few ounces make a difference when you are riding extreme distances and times). 

Have smoother and more reliable parts (imagine you are in a long-distance race with entry fees to start and prizes at the end, and your cheap derailleur breaks or loses its adjustment). 

Energy is also a significant consideration. It is easy to pedal a few km on a cheap heavy bike; try cycling in a day for several weeks, with hills involved. It takes a lot of energy. 

Compare to a more expensive light bike, not much difference the first few miles, but it gets harder and harder the further you go, especially when you run into a 7% grade hill. 

Cost is really about your budget and intentions. If you intend to ride long distances frequently and probably compete in some races, buy the best New york bikes “you” can afford. 

If you intend to ride around the area occasionally but don’t have intentions for competition, buy a more reasonably priced Ann arbor bikes, which may allow you to stop for a snack along the way. 

Birmingham Bikes are better in many ways.

1. Expensive bikes also have better-gearing systems on them that are less likely to give trouble. On real cheap bikes, the gears can be a point of failure.

2. Things in general about tougher on more expensive bikes. They are less likely to break and will generally last a lot longer.

Washington DC bikes can make a huge difference or no difference, depending on what you will use the bike for and how often. If you are only using it occasionally for leisure cruising on mostly level ground, just about anything cheap will do.

For occasional cruising, you shouldn’t be using it enough or pushing it hard enough when you do use it to put much stress on its components. You also won’t be using it enough that if the bike is not set up for you in terms of your height and proper riding position, you will get repetitive strain injuries. That said, you can spend a significant amount on Chicago Bikes that have a lot of functionally useful bling.

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